Full Automatic Double Head Mitre Saw For PVC

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FO double pvc
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• Precise cutting of PVC profiles between 22,5°- 90° outer angles.
• Right feeding unit and automatic saw safety cover.
• Double clamping system on both heads to fix the profile.
• Support plate between two heads to support the profile.
• Special design vacuum system to cut without depositing sawdusts on heads.
• Profile height measurement system.
• Frontal and top clamping systems.
• Precise and fast measure positioning thanks to brake system.
• On auto mode, it goes to position without operator intervention.
• Option to work with SD Card.
• 1250 different cutting length memory capacity.
• Has ethernet connection.
• Cutting file transfer from computer.
• High cutting quality and ease of operation.
• Adjustable saw progress speed.
• Horizontal profile clamping and practical piston place adjustment system.

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